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September, 2001

Dear members and friends of the Church,

The coming of September is a time of new beginnings for most of us in one way or another. For students and parents of school-children, it is the start of a new year at school, college or university. In the life of the church, as well as many other social and community activities, we begin our programs for the year once again. And what a lovely smorgasbord of events and activities are offered at Trinity each year. This issue of Trinity Talks gives basic information on these various groups, so read on! One that is new this year is a prayer fellowship being organized by Andy Senior who sings in the Intergenerational Choir and is our organist when Julia is away. For more information, speak to Andy or phone the Church Office.

As for me, while June was the anniversary of my becoming your minister, it is also true that September is a kind of new beginning in our life together at Trinity. Last year I was just learning my way - and sometimes floundering as I did. Now this is a new time of startup for me too as we mark another anniversary of our various programs and groups at the church.

I think that we all need times of new beginnings - times when we conclude one chapter in our lives - and in our church - and then turn the page. Such times are moments of grace for us - times when we may start again and afresh. May this fall season at Trinity have such gracious times for each and all of us.

God bless,

Richard (the Rev.) Miller

Trinity United Church
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Montreal QC  H1Y 1M2

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