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"Linnea Good" in concert

hosted by Mid Laurentian United Church in Rawdon, QC

Singer / Song Writer: well known across Canada as a United Church artist. Linnea has 8 albums issued in her career. She is from Summerland, British Columbia.

Adult Contemporary Music and Children’s Action Songs
Jazz-influenced Folk sounds with a dash of Celtic
Hymns, Choral Ballads and Life Reflections
Songs of Joy, of Faith, Anticipation, Romance
and Life Events

April 25th, 2002
7:00 pm at the "Catholic Church Basement"
3759, Queen Street, Rawdon, QC

Adults: $12.00
Children: $3.00

For reserved tickets call:
Jocelyn at (450) 834-2035  (Rev. S. Tilleman)
        or Dudley at (450) 834-3117

for car-pooling from Montreal, contact Gary